I just recently did a photo shoot of some amazing jewellery for the Burlington Art Centre’s Wearable Art event!  The images were used in their ads that were place in the Burlington Post, so if you received a copy in the last few weeks you probably saw them!

I love doing work like this, and it’s great to see it out there and in use.  I hope to do more photography for galleries in the future!

Mariel Pagliai Pink Flower Ring
Mariel Pagliai Pink Flower Ring

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Michelle Prosek

Seventh Insight Photography

For me, life is about finding your path and boldly following it wherever it may go. I love doing product photography, and through that I want to help artists continue to do what they love.

I have 9 years of experience taking high quality close-up photographs to promote my own glass artwork, and I am happy to be offering my services to other artists in all media.

My aim is to provide the highest level of product photography to help you successfully pursue your creative goals.

Images are taken on pure backgrounds in order to highlight and feature your designs and the uniqueness of what you do. Your high-resolution print-quality photographs will be provided on CD and can be made available for download so they are ready to send to galleries, media, and for use in your own promotional materials.

Now that you’ve brought your ideas to life, it’s time to show them off!

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